Rozawood OM-2 Octave Mandolin for Sale


Here’s the information on my Rozawood OM-2 Octave Mandolin I’ve got for sale at Acoustic Corner in Black Mountain, NC.  One of the best octaves I’ve played so far, and it looks gorgeous.

Now for sell at Acoustic Corner in Black Mountain. Fantastic octave mandolin for melody work and rhythm. It’s been a regular at the Jack of the Wood Irish session.

Here is a video of the octave mandolin in action…

Here is the full description from the Rozawood website:

Our OCTAVE MANDOLIN OM-2 is well unique instrument that was personally created and designed by master luthier Roman Zajíček.

The idea originally came from our U.S. friend Mr. August Watters (also well known mandolin player), who has been searching for an octave mandolin with shorter scale to be able to use classical mandolin fingering. That’s why Roman created a “bigger A-2 mandolin” – two points instrument with an oval hole. Even though it is still impossible to use all standard mandolin chords, because the fingerboard is still too long, this new kind of instrument is of a very warm and loud tone and it is very good choice for all the musicians playing contemporary Celtic or ethnic music.

We use only top quality European spruce for the top, and high flame European maple for back, sides and neck. The internal construction is handmade finished by Roman only and there is a smaller Virzi producer inside of each instrument. This instrument is tuned either as a classical octave mandolin – gg, dd, AA, EE or combined double strings – Gg, Dd, AA, EE.


Body Length: 44 cm / 175/16″
Body Width: 35,5 cm / 14″
Body Depth: 5,5 cm / 23/16″

To play this instrument, or for more details contact Acoustic Corner:
105-F Montreat Road
Black Mountain, NC
Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday: 10 – 6
Saturday: 10 – 5

(Note: the tail piece and bridge are different than what’s in the picture. The bridge has been upgraded and custom fitted. The tail piece has also been upgraded. For more photos etc., contact Acoustic Corner.




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