Mandolin Lessons

If you are looking to learn mandolin, and you live within driving distance of Asheville, NC, look no farther.

At the White Horse in Black Mountain, NC.

I offer Mandolin Lessons for the beginner to intermediate player.

Main areas of interest we can cover are:

  • Fundamentals of the Mandolin – Timing – Scales – Chords -Knowing your instrument
  • Irish/Celtic Fiddle Tunes
  • Best Way to Participate in a Friendly Irish Session

I have dabbled a bit in Old Time Mandolin and can also teach the aspiring Old Time Mandolin player up to the intermediate level.

Lessons are:

  • 45 minutes to an hour
  • 4 sessions paid in advance
  • Fun and Enjoyable
  • Relaxed and Inspiring
  • $30.00 per hour
  • home visits only in the Asheville, NC area or by Skype

If you are looking to play well with other musicians, have a good time exploring your instrument and learning to express your self, contact me at

PS- Please also feel free to inquire about the possibility of lessons in Octave Mandolin, Medieval Music, and Other Ethnic styles.



13 thoughts on “Mandolin Lessons

  1. I was pleased to see your offering of the PDF for 25 Celtic tunes. Just what I need; a good, manageable intro. I am unfamiliar with many of them so I looked on YouTube and discovered that they all are quite popular. I was wondering if I could get a collection of MP3s for those tunes so I could work them up to speed on my iPad.. As it is, I have to search out each one individually. And sorry, I can’t take lessons; Pittsburgh is a bit too far of a drive.

  2. Well I would LOVE lessons but Bulgaria is a lot further than Pittsburgh…. will have to read, learn and practice more, I reckon 🙂 lovely blog though… very inspiring , thank you

  3. How much do you recommend the Skype method? I am in Miami and no teachers around here. But I was wondering if Skype was more frustration than enlightenment?

  4. I play Bluegrass Mandolin and play some fiddle tunes. How important is pick direction? For jigs like Swallow Tail, would you always use the Down Up Down picking Pattern?

    • I typically use the down up down up pattern, however, I started playing music on guitar, playing blues and rock, so I’m not too picky as long as you can play it well and it sounds right. I’m more particular about the d u d d u d patter when playing rhythm, but as far as melody, I’m not a traditionalist, and just like to get the job done.

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