Rozawood OM-2 Octave Mandolin for Sale


Here’s the information on my Rozawood OM-2 Octave Mandolin I’ve got for sale at Acoustic Corner in Black Mountain, NC.  One of the best octaves I’ve played so far, and it looks gorgeous.

Now for sell at Acoustic Corner in Black Mountain. Fantastic octave mandolin for melody work and rhythm. It’s been a regular at the Jack of the Wood Irish session.

Here is a video of the octave mandolin in action…

Here is the full description from the Rozawood website:

Our OCTAVE MANDOLIN OM-2 is well unique instrument that was personally created and designed by master luthier Roman Zajíček.

The idea originally came from our U.S. friend Mr. August Watters (also well known mandolin player), who has been searching for an octave mandolin with shorter scale to be able to use classical mandolin fingering. That’s why Roman created a “bigger A-2 mandolin” – two points instrument with an oval hole. Even though it is still impossible to use all standard mandolin chords, because the fingerboard is still too long, this new kind of instrument is of a very warm and loud tone and it is very good choice for all the musicians playing contemporary Celtic or ethnic music.

We use only top quality European spruce for the top, and high flame European maple for back, sides and neck. The internal construction is handmade finished by Roman only and there is a smaller Virzi producer inside of each instrument. This instrument is tuned either as a classical octave mandolin – gg, dd, AA, EE or combined double strings – Gg, Dd, AA, EE.


Body Length: 44 cm / 175/16″
Body Width: 35,5 cm / 14″
Body Depth: 5,5 cm / 23/16″

To play this instrument, or for more details contact Acoustic Corner:
105-F Montreat Road
Black Mountain, NC
Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday: 10 – 6
Saturday: 10 – 5

(Note: the tail piece and bridge are different than what’s in the picture. The bridge has been upgraded and custom fitted. The tail piece has also been upgraded. For more photos etc., contact Acoustic Corner.




Noonday Feast’s Irish Inspired Album – Waves and Tides

Hello all 8-string lovers:

2014 was a sparse year for blog posts, but for good reason.  We’ve been busy.  Our band Noonday Feast has been working weekends on its first album, while also playing gigs to fund the studio!  As of Winter Solstice 2014, it is complete and available.  We call it Waves and Tides.   Here are a few clips from the album.  See the video below.

Although, we are working on new material and will probably go back into the studio soon, to begin work on Noonday Feast II, I intend on posting more of my favorite mandolin tab Irish Tunes, I’ve been working on.  Keep your eyes open.

Enjoy the album.  You can buy it through this link.

Buy “Waves and Tides” by Noonday Feast

All of the tunes are original except for two.  We are far from traditionalists, but see tradition as a foundation for exploration.  You will easily be able to hear my love of Irish Music in these works, but you will also get a taste of folk, and at least one electric guitar solo.

This album is mandolin, octave mandolin, fiddle and bouzouki heavy.

Jaquelyn’s First, Roscommon Reel & Dunford’s Fancy

Haven’t yet had a chance to post the previous sets mentioned.  Yet, yesterday morning a particular mood came over me and I made a recording of Jacquelyn’s First, a single reel, and Roscommon Reel.  I also found the time to tab out Dunford’s Fancy, a tune by the Waterboys.

Here is the mandolin (tab) tablature and sheet music for the above mentioned tunes.

Dunford’s Fancy Mandolin Tab

Jacquelyn’s First Mandolin Tab

Roscommon Reel

Here is the recording of Jacquelyn’s First and the Roscommon Reel.

PS- You’ll notice on the tab for Jacquelyn’s First, it says “capo 1st fret”.  I started playing it a half a step higher at first on the octave mandolin.

O’Keefe’s Strawberry Slide Irish Fiddle Tune

This weekend, I was left alone.  With nothing to do and no one around, I decided to spend the weekend with my octave mandolin.  Originally I set out to make a little recording of O’Keefe’s Slide with some non-standard back up chords.  However, the recording just kept going…and going…and going.

Here’s something I call O’Keefe’s Strawberry Slide.


Next up:

I found some old recordings of a practice D. Murray and W. Byers and myself preparing for the AB-Tech Benefit Gig the first year we were asked to play.

I’ll be posting two sets.  Out of the Ocean/Morrison’s/Mug of Brown Ale and Garret Barry’s/Hag at the Churn/Rose in the Heather.

New Fellenbaum Octave Mandolin #22

I’m happy to say, that I’ve recently acquired a Fellenbaum octave mandolin made by Tom Fellenbaum, owner of Acoustic Corner in Black Mountain, NC.

Fellenbaum Octave Mandolin #22. Spruce and Cherry. 21 3/4 scale length.

Fellenbaum Octave Mandolin #22. Spruce and Cherry. 21 3/4 scale length.

Four years ago I contacted Tom about building an octave mandolin.  We talked about it briefly, but then I didn’t have the funds at the time to pull the trigger.  Turns out, that at the same time I was talking to him, another fellow was too.  He even wanted the same scale length and wood choices.  So Tom went ahead and cut out the top, neck, back and sides for two octave mandolins.  He build the mandolin for the other guy, and had the pieces of the second mandolin hanging around his shop.

Fast forward to two months ago.  I contacted Tom again.   My work is going well, and I had some extra funds.  He said, all I have to do is put it (the pieces) together!

I picked it up yesterday and couldn’t be happier.  It’s got a rich tone and good volume.  The scale length 21 3/4 is perfect for me.  It allows me to play chords when I don’t know the tune, and play the melody easy enough when I do.   Here is a quick sound clip, playing the Far Away Waltz and the Ten Penny Bit.

Tom is a fantastic, professional and timely builder/artist.  The instrument was done a few days before the estimated completion, and the fit and finish are gorgeous.

Glad I got her before his wait list exploded!