Noonday Feast’s Irish Inspired Album – Waves and Tides

Hello all 8-string lovers:

2014 was a sparse year for blog posts, but for good reason.  We’ve been busy.  Our band Noonday Feast has been working weekends on its first album, while also playing gigs to fund the studio!  As of Winter Solstice 2014, it is complete and available.  We call it Waves and Tides.   Here are a few clips from the album.  See the video below.

Although, we are working on new material and will probably go back into the studio soon, to begin work on Noonday Feast II, I intend on posting more of my favorite mandolin tab Irish Tunes, I’ve been working on.  Keep your eyes open.

Enjoy the album.  You can buy it through this link.

Buy “Waves and Tides” by Noonday Feast

All of the tunes are original except for two.  We are far from traditionalists, but see tradition as a foundation for exploration.  You will easily be able to hear my love of Irish Music in these works, but you will also get a taste of folk, and at least one electric guitar solo.

This album is mandolin, octave mandolin, fiddle and bouzouki heavy.


New Mandolin Tablature Posted

Check out the Mandolin Tablature section.  It’s jumped from 5 files of tablature and standard notation to around 60 in a week and a half!

Remember, this stuff is good for fiddle, tenor banjo and octave mandolin too.

I’m particularly fond of the tune Caracena. Check it out, and send me a recording.

If you are a Mandolin Cafe Forum member, send thanks to Coffeecup. He helped me out with a number of these tabs.  In fact, he’s provided most of them so far!