Old Bush/Wise Maid Celtic Irish Reels on Mandolin

Last night, the wife decided to go to the gym. I was home alone, and I had no more work to do, so thought I’d finally learn these tunes completely.  I found the best way to do it, is to make a recording, with melody, chords and a metronome.

Here’s the sheet music or tablature.

(Ye) Old Bush

The Wise Maid

Here’s the recording.


Old Bush and the Maple Leaf

Two nights ago, at the White Horse in Black Mountain, NC, we played these two tunes together.  The Old Bush and The Maple Leaf.

(Ye) Old Bush <–tab

The Maple Leaf <–tab

For you guitar flatpickers, here are those same tunes tabbed out in standard tuning and DADGAD.

(Ye) Old Bush Standard Guitar     The Maple Leaf Guitar

(Ye) Old BushDADGAD    The Maple Leaf DADGAD

While I’ve always found the “chopped off head” youtube videos kind of strange, this is the best one I could find at the time for The Maple Leaf.