Kalyana and Promenade Mandolin Tabs and Tablature Posted

Hi Folks:

Malcom from Down Under, (aka Coffeecup on the mandolincafe) has sent me two great tabs with standard notation.


Kalyana - a sanskrit word


They are called Kalyana and Promenade.

Here’s his comments on Promenade: “The Promenade is an easy slip jig to play.  The way I’ve written it here the first four bars of the A and B parts are the basic tune which could be repeated for the other four bars of each part.  Bars five to eight of each part are with variations suggested by my tutor.  You wouldn’t necessarily play variations in this order but I think it makes it easier to see the changes.  In particular, you wouldn’t play bar 16 here as the very last bar as it doesn’t sound resolved.”

As for Kalyana, he writes: “This week’s tune was Kalyana, one with an unusual sound which we all liked.   While written on D key signature it resolves around F#, which I think makes it F# Phrygian. An entry on thesession.org says: ‘Kalyana means beautiful, lovely, good, excellent, noble, auspicious or fortunate in the Sanskrit language.’ which seems quite appropriate.”

He also shared a great clip of this tune on YouTube: